"Once in a while,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale."
- Anonymous
My wedding with Kevin was one beautiful event where every
element of the wedding was chosen specifically to come
together perfectly. However, what made the wedding so
special was the story behind it all. And here, is our story.
Kevin and I have always been well known as the 'lovebirds'. At one point during our courtship, Kevin gave me a stunning birdcage necklace which I always wear everywhere I go. The connection and meaning between lovebirds and birdcage became a story and inspiration behind the invitation, stationery and even the wedding souvenir.
The day started with our first look. Early in the morning, I stood by the ocean of JuMaNa Terrace waiting for Kevin to come. No one else was there except for the photographer and videographer who were there to capture this special moment.
I hope you could feel the magical feeling we felt when we finally saw each other for the first time on our wedding day, in our wedding outfit.
For the tea ceremony, I wore a dramatic red ball gown with tulle and lace detail instead of a traditional cheongsam. I also wore a red handmade hair ornament to complete the look. As I wore a red gown, Kevin wore his wedding outfit with a red bow tie to match the Tea ceremony theme.
Seven years ago, I saw a breathtaking white glass chapel surrounded with infinity pool that seemed to stretch out to the Bali's blue ocean. Everything looked magical I fell in love with that place at the first sight. It was like a dream come true when Kevin and I exchanged our wedding vows at Tirtha Uluwatu, the picture perfect chapel I have been in love with since seven years ago.
It may sound ridiculous but I had always wanted to have butterflies on my wedding ceremony. I prayed with all my heart, and asked God to send butterflies on my wedding ceremony. As I walked into the chapel on my wedding day, I was stunned. There were hundreds of butterfly ornaments that seemed to fly above the chapel's stage. It just happened that the standard decoration in Tirtha Uluwatu was only recently being changed to incorporate these beautiful butterflies. Some may think of it as a coincidence, but I believe in answered prayers. Now, I can see beautiful butterflies in every pictures of my wedding ceremony and I will always be reminded of God's grace and blessing for my marriage.
One of the most memorable and awaited part of the wedding ceremony was the wedding kiss. When the pastor said "you may kiss the bride," it was indeed our first kiss. We saved our kiss for that special moment and it was something we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives.
Just before the guests left Tirtha Uluwatu, we handed them delicious canapes in a customized pretty little box and water bottle which had our logo on them. These little touches made the wedding felt personal.
As soon as the guests arrived at JuMaNa for the cocktail party, they were blown away by the magnificent view and ambience. The ladies were given fresh frangipani flowers to be worn on their hair.

There were couches, free flow cocktail drinks and light snacks for the guests to enjoy.
At one corner, there was a photo session area for guests to take pictures with a human size picture of Kevin and me. It was hilarious as the guests wore various funny, crazy props and posed with "us". A copy of the picture was given to each guest as a souvenir and another copy was placed in a customized guestbook where the guests would write their wishes for us.
Everyone was blown away by the beautiful decoration in the reception. The big flower centerpieces in every table were surrounded by smaller flower arrangements and candles. The mirror placed on top of each table reflected the glowing candles and added elegance to it. To put everything together, the table was dressed up with damask cream linen, beautiful lace table runner, and white tiffany chairs with beige cushion.
Every table was named with beautiful and memorable cities that Kevin and I had visited during our courtship.
A small stage fully decorated with white drapery, hanging crystal and white roses was especially built for the bridal table. Instead of the typical long table, we opted for a lovely sweetheart table fully decorated with white roses, hydrangea and tulips.
Welcoming speech was given by my father, followed with a wedding toast by the groomsman.
Kevin and I both love to eat good food. Sharing delicious food with our loved ones to celebrate our wedding would be such a joyous occasion. For that, we served not just good food but a feast of sumptuous 7-course dinner menu.
1st course: Amuse Bouche
Prawn, caviar, crepe & vermouth sauce.

2nd course: Barely Cooked Tuna Loin
Fresh Tuna, artichoke, semi dried tomato tapenade, rocket salad, balsamic glaze

As Sashimi lover, it was with no question that barely cooked tuna loin, a fusion version of sashimi, was chosen as the appetizer.

3rd course: Lobster Cappuccino
Lobster, milkfroth, rouille cruton
4th course: Sorbet
Lemon sorbet, fresh strawberry cuts

5th course: Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
Wagyu beef tenderloin, polenta cake, glazed roots vegetables, red wine sauce.

6th course: Tropical Dessert Duo
Mango pudding, fresh mango slices & coconut parfait

Bali is exotic, that was why our choice for the dessert went to exotic fruit such as mango and coconut. It was also light enough for the guests to enjoy their 7th course: the wedding cake.
The theme color for our wedding was white, cream, beige and a dash of red. Hence, we chose both Red Velvet and Vanilla flavour which color represented our wedding theme.
"When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me a story of Leila and Majnun. Majnun means obsessed, insane. It was not his real name but he was called Majnun because he fell head over heel in love with Leila. The story did not end well because Leila's parents did not allow them to be together, and the two of them was finally together as one in a grave.

Somehow the story of Leila and Majnun reminds me a lot of you, although of course your story has a happy ending. Because you know what, Kev? You're a totally different person whenever you speak about Tassya. The first time you told me about her, the way you told it was not like the normal Kevin that I knew. So you've become that Majnun, slightly obsessed. As you keep that slight insanity within you all the time, we will always be reminded that you are always head over heel in love, with her. I pray and I wish that the two of you will always be together forever, in love."

- Rene Soehardono
After dinner was served, the guests were invited to the deck area for the main event and entertainment. It started with a special performance from Indra Aziz, the vocal coach for Indonesian Idol who is also the vocal coach for the famed Indonesian actress and singer, Agnes Monica.
Kevin took over the stage by singing "Angels Brought Me Here" by Guy Sebastian, a special song that was chosen as he felt the lyric truly represent his feelings for me. He also shared his effort of taking one month private singing lesson with Indra to be able to sing for me that night.
When people thought they had seen the best part of the night, Kevin gave yet another surprise. He gave me a big gift wrapped in pretty paper. After I opened my present and found a Star Registry Certificate, a video played on the screen.

I was speechless of Kevin's thoughtfulness and effort to give me the best wedding ever. I was also surprised, because a few years ago I heard about a groom who gave a star for his bride (which I thought was the sweetest thing ever). I was single at that time but that did not stop me from wanting the same. I prayed that one day my future husband would also name a star under my name. I did not tell anybody about this, except for my little sister who was just as surprised when Kevin did exactly what I prayed for, and more. It did not only touch me, it touched everyone's heart.
We danced on "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perry. The dance was concluded with a kiss and as we kissed the fireworks started. It was perfect it felt just like a fairy tale.
As Indra Aziz sang the last song which talked about releasing our wishes and burden, everyone prayed their wishes and released the glow in the dark balloons. It was wonderful to see hundreds of red and yellow balloons flew to the sky.
It was truly one night to remember. I could not thank God enough for giving me the best husband I could ever ask for, a beautiful love story, and a perfect wedding that surpassed my dreams and wishes.

Let this story be a living testimony that just as God has written such an incredible love story for me, He will script a beautiful tale just for you that goes far beyond your imagination.

The question is, will you give your pen and trust Him to write your love story?
Nastassya Saputra
Since Tassya was little, she loved watching Cinderella and other Disney fairy tale movies wishing that one day she would have her own fairy tale.

One day at church, when Tassya was merely twelve years old, a pastor asked her to come forward and prayed for her. The pastor said that God has prepared a future husband for Tassya, how their love story would be like Isaac and Rebekah, he will love her and together they will raise Godly children. The next Sunday, Tassya, again, went to church as usual. This time another pastor was serving the service and yet this different pastor asked her to come forward, prayed for her and said exactly the same thing as the previous pastor.

Tassya kept the matter in her heart but since that point onward, she set a very high standard and saved herself for the one whom is going to be her future husband. She listed down more than 30+ attributes that she prayed would be the attributes she would recognize in her future husband.
Kevin grew up as a playful, smart, yet lazy boy who loved to do nothing but playing games. He would skip classes to play games, and yet, still managed to pass his subjects. One day, during his final semester, Kevin's father had a stroke. Because of this, his family was in financial difficulties and Kevin would no longer be able to finish his studies. Kevin went back to Indonesia without a degree and became so devastated with the whole situation. At that moment, and for the first time in his life, he knew he could not rely on himself or anyone anymore. With a broken heart, he cried out to God.

God listened and answered his prayer. The difficult situations transformed Kevin to become a better man inside out. Although without a degree, Kevin was able to start and built a company that has become one of the best in the industry in just a couple of years. Kevin is now recognized as one of the best talents in the industry, has been appointed as mentor, jury and speaker for various events.

As someone with a strong vision, Kevin had mapped out his plans and goals in life, and this included his plan to remain single until he reaches 30 years old. Little did he know that God had a different plan.
It all started with a ministry to visit a retirement home on 18 December 2010.

We did not know each other at that time, but a common friend that organized the event introduced us.

To Kevin, "it was love at first sight."

I, on the other hand, had waited 14 years since I received the prophecy until I actually met Kevin. During those 14 years, I met many guys but none of them felt right for me let alone fulfilled my list. Thanks God I did not settle for less. I chose to believe that God has prepared a great man for me, waited until I met Kevin and observed how he quickly met all the 30+ specific attributes I listed down in my prayer list to be the attributes I would find in my future husband. Through this journey I witnessed that God is always faithful with His promises and when I finally met the right person at the right time, His fingerprints were everywhere in our relationship to bring us together.

On 16 December 2011 Kevin took me to watch a Broadway show in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, followed with a candlelight dinner at its rooftop restaurant, Ku De Ta. After dinner, Kevin brought me to the pool area which has magnificent view of the bay and the city. There, he bended on one knee with a beautiful diamond in his hand, and asked me to marry him.
Kevin & Nastassya's Wedding Album
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